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The Gelvin Foundation
Grant Application Process

Grant proposals are evaluated by the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis in March, June, September and December. All proposals received at least one month prior to the quarterly meeting will be considered, providing that all requested information has been provided. The following timetable will be used in scheduling proposals:

Received by February 10th ---- will be evaluated in March
Received by May 10th ---- will be evaluated in June
Received by August 10th ---- will be evaluated in September
Received by November 10th ---- will be evaluated in December

Proposals should be submitted in writing by the chief executive officer of the applicant organization and addressed as follows:

Board of Directors
The Gelvin Foundation
P.O. Box 837
Eufaula, OK 74432

All proposals will be considered regardless of form, but must include the following information:


        A brief description of the organization seeking support, including a brief history, current activities or programs, targeted service group, and a list of its trustees, directors and/or officers

        A brief description of the project or program in need of funding, including an explanation of its importance, a clear statement of its goals, a timetable for its accomplishment and a plan for evaluating its effectiveness

        The total amount of funding needed for the project, including funds already obtained from or committed by other sources, and the specific amount of funding requested from the Foundation (major construction projects, renovation projects or capital equipment purchases should include written bids)

        Plans to support the project or maintain the capital acquisition after the grant period

        Evidence of the organization's charitable, tax-exempt status.  An applicant should send a copy of the determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service indicating it is a tax-exempt organization as described in Section 501 of the IRS Code of 1986.


The Foundation will acknowledge receipt of grant proposals as quickly as possible, usually within two weeks, and applicants will be advised if any further information is required. Such additional information may include the organization's current operating budget and most recent audited financial statements. Site visits may be scheduled at the discretion of the Foundation. Notification of Board action regarding a grant will be made within two weeks after the meeting at which the proposal is considered.

The Gelvin Foundation is able to respond favorably to only a small percentage of the grant requests it receives; therefore, declination of a request should not be interpreted as disapproval of its merit. Additionally, grants are made without any commitment for future support of operations or specific projects.

Since the focus of the Foundation may change as new areas of concern develop within the community, previous grant commitments should not be taken as approval for subsequent grants.